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Digital Mail Forwarding

Your Mail at Your Convenience

This service will allow you to have your business mail forwarded to you via email.

It works like this.  We receive your company mail via the normal postal system.  The mail is then opened and sorted.  Junk mail is disregarded.  All the official letters that need to be sent to you are then scanned and emailed to you.

For the busy business person who travels a lot, this is absolutely perfect.  You'll no longer fear missing those deadlines, simply because you were not around to collect your snail mail!

This service is only offered if you already have a domicile (c/o) or shared office address with us.


CHF75.00 +VAT / month

Mail Forwarding FAQs

Will you forward all incoming post to me?

Your post will be sorted on a daily basis and forwarded once a week to your specified address. We will forward all official government mail, other business related mail and will separate any junk mail (there is a lot of it!) and recycle it for you. The postage fees are not included.

Do you also forward Mail abroad?

Yes, we do, at the same terms as mail forwarding inside Switzerland.

Can you forward my mail per Email, rather then per post?

Yes, we can. On a weekly basis.

Can I pick up my correspondence myself at your office?

Yes, you can. You should notify us in advance. Please make sure you have your ID with you.

Central Location

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Worry Free

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