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Capital Deposit Account

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If you are incorporating an LLP (GmbH) or a LTD (AG), then you are going to need to deposit the required share capital in a special blocked account before the notary appointment.  The notary will need to see the certificate issued by the bank before things can proceed.  This law is stated in the Swiss OR (OR Art. 633 / OR Art 779).


So how does the process of the capital deposit account for companies work exactly?

First you need to open an account (we can usually take care of this part).  Once this account has been opened, the funds needs to be transferred.  Note, that, not only is it not recommended from a security point of view to carry cash to deposit it in such an account, but also most banks require it to be a transferred and deposited in cash.  A couple of days later, the bank will issue a certificate confirming that the funds have been paid into the account for a company incorporation.  On the certificate, the name of the company being incorporated is stated.  Not that depending on the bank, they my require a visit from our client for KYC purposes at this stage.  Other banks only require the visit when the business account is opened.


When will the capital be available to use for the business?

Once your company incorporation has been completed and an operating business account has been opened, the money from the capital deposit account can be transferred to the business account.  At that point you should be ready to start trading!


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