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Company Incorporation Solutions for Non-Residents


As per Swiss law, a limited company must have at least one director residing in Switzerland.  This means that a company is permitted to have several directors, but at least one must be living in Switzerland.  The logic behind this is that the authorities do not want to have to deal with finding someone abroad which may have moved, in case there is something that needs to be answered or completed – or even if the company needs to be audited.  The resident director can also be contacted from customers – for example if there is a complaint.

In case you are living abroad and wish to incorporate a company in Switzerland, don’t worry, we have thought about you.  We have put together three special packages which include our nominee director service.  This will ensure that you can incorporate without having to take up residence in Switzerland, solely for this purpose.

Our non-resident packages also include almost all other options that we offer, including a business address and taking care of your company accounting.  If you have any concerns about keeping your shareholders private, then we also offer a Privacy Package.  This is our most exclusive package and will keep your shareholders off public record.

Whatever your requirements, we are sure to have a package suited to you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



1. Order Online


5 Minutes Step:

Choose the perfect package online, confirm and complete order

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2. Application


15 Minutes Application:

Receive your Application (only one!) and wait for your ready-to-submit documents



3. Notary


45 Minutes: Notary

Receive managing director’s mandate; we prepare an exclusive mandate contract for you and will take over company’s management for the whole year and all other formalities.


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