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Privacy Package

This package was especially put together to give you the best of all we have.  A prestigious address, initial setup, accounting for one year, nominee director service, nominee shareholder service (keeps shareholder names off all publicly obtainable records) service...the list goes on.  Honestly, we do not know what else we could have put in our top package - if you see that we've missed something out, contact us - we'd really like to know.

The notary and commercial register fees are also included.  Not only do we believe that this is our top package, but also our best value.

In as little as 5 minutes, you can order the Privacy Package online and start incorporation immediately.

CHF21,860.00 CHF13,450.00 +VAT now,
then CHF16,150.00 CHF11,855.00 / year

What's included?

 Initial consultation

If you have a question before, during or after the incorporation process, we are here to help. Call us to clarify any open points or get any questions answered or explained. We look forward to hearing from you..

Company name search

We will check that the company name is available before preparing the documents. In Switzerland, it is not possible to reserve a company name, so we will do our best to keep the incorporation time window from our side to a minimum.

Company purpose formulation

Every company needs to define its core activities before submitting the papers for incorporation.  We will work with you to prepare suitable wording that is likely to be accepted by the registry.

Incorporation documents

We will prepare the documents that need to be signed and then submitted to the authorities for your company incorporation.  This will minimise the effort required from your side.

Management of entire process

We are there to help you before, during and until the end of the process.  This will ensure that the process will run seamlessly from you placing the order to completing the company incorporation.

Capital deposit account

We are able to assist you with opening a bank account in order to deposit and temporarily block the capital for the company incorporation.  The certificate provided by the bank after this is done will be required as proof that needs to be shown to the notary when signing the documents.  Note that the bank may levy a one time fee for this account setup (typically around CHF 250).

 No complicated paperwork

Our smart and efficient online service will allow you to glide through the process and get your company registration started within couple of minutes.

 Track order status anytime

After ordering the package, you will get access to customer online portal where you can track and check the status of your company anytime.

 Company Register

You will receive hard copies of the registration documents in a beautiful folder.

 Shared Office

Having a shared office gives you a real desk to perform all the company administration etc.  It also doubles up as your company's registered address, so you do not need to purchase the registered address service separately.  Having a shared office will also mean that you do not need to have the 'c/o' address line.  Your shared office will be in Canton Zug, which also happens to be one of the most tax-friendly cantons in Switzerland.

 Mail forwarding for 1 year 

On a weekly basis, we will forward all post to you. Postage for forwarding your post will be billable separately and will require a small postal deposit.

 VAT Registration

We'll register your company for VAT with the relevant authorities to ensure that the registration is done correctly and you can take full advantage of claiming back VAT on eligible items that you purchase.

 Social Insurance Registration

All newly registered companies need to submit a registration from to the authorities for social security.  This not only ensure compliance, but also that you are paying the correct amount for social contributions on a monthly basis.

 Pension Policy Setup

All Swiss companies require a company pension policy.  Using our experience, we will collect at least one offer for you, which we believe is competitive with companies of a similar size.  Note: although the company pension is compulsory in Switzerland, it is provided by a private insurance company.  This means that the pricing varies from company to company.

 Accident Insurance Setup

All Swiss companies are required to have an accident insurance policy in place which cover their employees for occupational and non-occupational accidents.  Using our experience, we will obtain at least one competitive insurance offer for your company.

 Sickness Insurance Setup

Not a mandatory requirement for a company in Switzerland, but it well advised.  Sickness insurance is a percentage based insurance that will cover an employees salary if they should fall long term sick.  We will obtain at least one competitive offer for sickness insurance, leaving you will the final decision of taking out the policy-.

 Payroll Setup

We will setup the payroll system with all the specifics from the various policies for your company.  This will prepare the system to start adding employees, ready to calculate their salaries.

 Monthly Payroll for 1 Year

We will perform monthly payroll calculations for one employee for twelve calendar months.

 Accounting Software Setup

Before we can do any accounting, we need to set you up in an accounting system.  Here, we will setup your accounts in our shared system, which will offer you a cost effective solution for your accounting.

 Financial Accounting for 1 year

We book up to 600 transactions in the accounting system for your company.  This will allow you to focus on your key business activity.  Note that raising and sending invoices to your clients or making the bank transfers is not including in this package.  These services can of course be obtained from us for an additional fee, depending on your exact requirements.

 Quarterly VAT Returns for 1 year

No one wants to get on the wrong side of the VAT office by filing documents late.  We'll complete your quarterly returns for you, ensuring that you are not penalised for late delivery.

 Preparation of Annual Tax Return

At the end of the financial year, we'll prepare the tax return ready for your to check and approve.  This will be based on the transactions in the accounting system.

 Employee Contract

We will provide a template contract for your first employee.  This remove the administrative bottleneck of not being able to sign a contract with your first recruit.

 Notary Fee

We'll pay the notary fee for certifying your incorporation documents with our local notary (normally around CHF500).  Note that fee for certifying signatures is also included for up to two persons.  For each additional person, there will be an additional fee of approximately CHF 20 per person.

 Commercial Register Fee

We'll pay the commercial register fee for your company.  This is normally in the range of CHF500-CHF800.  Note, that if a company is to be submitted with the express service, there will be a small additional fee.

 Priority Support

Clients who purchase the Ultimate Incorporation Package will be given priority support for any enquires.

 Nominee Director

We'll provide you with a Swiss resident director which the authorities can contact in case of any queries.  This will overcome the hurdle of you leaving abroad and allow you to move forward and incorporate your company in Switzerland

 Nominee Shareholder

Protect your privacy by keeping your shareholders off public record with this service.

CHF21,860.00 CHF13,450.00 +VAT now,
then CHF16,150.00 CHF11,855.00 / year

Need a Special Tailored Solution?

Contact us and we are sure to be able to find the right solution for you:

With Every Package You Get

Care & Support

You can do most of things online. But you can call or email us anytime, We are always reachable.

Online Portal

You get access to your online admin portal where you can track the status of your order

Your Website

Discount to help you launch your business's website and build your online presence


We establish your company in one of the most tax-efficient Cantons and a business hub in Switzerland

Startup Toolkit


25% Discount on Website

You will receive a free 25% discount voucher for website from our partner

Website Hosting

Website hosting at our partners secure local datacenter

Corporate FB Page

Our website partner will create a basic FB Page to start your social media presence

Privacy Package FAQs

Can I keep my shareholdings private?

Yes, by the help of a Nominee Shareholder. The name of Nominee Shareholder will appear on all public records related to company's shareholding. The Nominee Shareholder will deal with the shares only in accordance with the instructions of the beneficial owner.


Who will be a Nominee Director for my company?

A Swiss resident with necessary experience and credentials to provide director services.


Can you take care of my company accounts and tax filings, or would I need to hire a local employee to do it?

We have combined a Privacy Package in order to take complete care for your company's operations.  After incorporation, we will register your company with authorities, conduct regular financial and payroll (1 employee) accounting and submit tax returns. We will set you you in our accountancy software. To do this often you would need to hire more then one employee. With our Privacy package we can save you the cost and hassle.
P. S. This is our most popular and loved package by non-residents.





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