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Notary Fee

Whether you are incorporating a new company or making any further change - you will require notary´s certification, sometimes more then once.

As a new business owner, you have a lot on your plate. So, we have included a notary fee into many of our incorporation packages and made you a saving of up to CHF 600.

If later on you are changing your company address and moving into a shared office at our prestigious location, then our notary will charge a low flat fee.

CHF700.00 +VAT

Notary FAQs

Why and when do I require a notary?

You require notary´s services to certify your ID and signature when incorporating a company, when changing company´s address, for any company’s changes to the commercial register.


Who will make an appointment with the notary?

If you order either this service or an incorporation package with us, not only you get a discount for notary services, we will also arrange an appointment for you.

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