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Employee Payroll

Fully Managed Employee Payroll

This service includes setting up an Employee in our accounting system (configuring rates of benefits and insurances such as AHV/UVG/KTG etc.), billing and payroll administration.
It is important to have all monthly calculations and payments are done precisely and cleanly. This will win a good reputation for your company with authorities, and with your employees.
Our team has over 10 years experience with personnel administration, which can be of your service with just one click.

Service Summary:
Employee registration (social insurances & tax if applicable)
Monthly payroll (same salary, one salary change per year included)
End of year reports (Tax declaration for employee, cumulative report for all employee to State Social Security, Income Tax, Pension, Accident Insurance, Sickness Insurance)

For your information:

AHV - Alters- und Hinterlassenversicherung (Social Insurance)
UVG - Unfallversicherung (Accident Insurance)
KTG - Kollektiv-Krankentaggeldversicherung (Sick pay Insurance)
BVG - Berufliche Vorsorge (Pension)

From: CHF40.00 +VAT / month and a CHF75.00 sign-up fee


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