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The world’s leading software platform for digital assets continues to grow, changing financial industry around the world. Switzerland declared its mission to become a centre of fintech and to be a global foster for blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation. It is persistently going in this direction.

The start of Swiss Bitcoin Future.

The Bitcoin Association Switzerland was founded in Zug in 2013. A year later, a crypto-technology cluster, modelled on Silicon Valley emerges also in Zug. Ethereum launches it’s first Ether token crowd sale and becomes the first ever cryprofinance member of a SRO (Swiss Self-regulating organisation), enabling to legally operate cryptocurrency brokerage in Switzerland. Next – ShaheShift incorporates in Zug and Xapo moves its global headquarters here. The Swiss Federal Council confirms that no new regulations are needed for bitcoins. THE DFCA (Digital Finance Compliance Association) is taking charge for the regulatory framework for crypto finance in Switzerland. The Swiss Financial Market Regulator (FINMA) announces that bitcoin will be exempt from sales taxes. In 2016 the city of Zug becomes the first government in the world to officially accept bitcoin payments for government services, Swiss national rail operator SBB starts offering bitcoin purchases at all their ticket machines nationwide and Zug becomes an official Crypto Valley.

Swiss Crypto Valley is getting dense with ICO startups.

For the last two years, the Crypto Valley Association has been deeply involved in the international Crypto and Blockchain community, supporting the growth of the ecosystem. Fintech startups, supported by the Swiss Federal Council have reduced regulatory requirements and are encouraged to bring innovation in Swiss fintech. Goes without saying, a lot more fintech companies have appeared in Zug and the number continues to grow, preparing a stable future in the fichtech and Crypto world.

How hard is to register a fintec or ICO company in Switzerland?

So, if every startup wants to register their fintech / ICO company in Switzerland, it must be really hard? No, not hard, at least at the moment, as it does not require any special licenses. To the usual incorporation process, you would require a Swiss resident director (Nominee director) if you are a foreign resident, and a Swiss address. Goes without saying, your company should be located in Zug – the prestigious crypto and financial centre. As everything innovative, you can register your company online and start the process within minutes

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