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3 Steps to Your Own Company


Our goal is to fully support you with all the formalities and make your company incorporation as easy as possible.

That’s why we only have 3 Steps. You can order your company online at your convenience and get it incorporated with minimum involvement from your side.

1. Order Online

5 Minutes:

Find, order and pay online for a Package of your choice.


2. Application

15 Minutes: Questionnaire:

You receive a Questionnaire to complete and wait for your incorporation documents

3. Notary

45 Minutes: Notary

You receive original incorporation documents per post. In the meantime we arrange your appointment with the notary. Your incorporation is almost completed.

Now we are waiting together for confirmation from a Commercial Register.

You are welcome to contact us anytime, at any stage of the process. Do not hesitate, choose your Package now and let’s get started.


*In case you are incorporating an LLP or LTD, you will also have the step of transferring the required share capital into a blocked account.

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