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So, now your company is registered and you need to submit an application for a corporate (business) bank account.
Please consider to complete these steps in order to secure a successful application process.

  • Dedicated Website
    Your Swiss company should have a dedicated website with a .ch domain.
    Even if you already have a website(s) with other extensions, a .ch domain would indicate that the company is a Swiss based company, plus it would support your brand in Switzerland.
    The website does not have to be large, complex or have an impressive design.
    OK: a website with minimum one page, which includes basic (legal) information of the company, it’s official address in Switzerland, telephone number, contact form and terms & conditions.
    NOT OK: a placeholder stating that the website is coming soon.
  • Dedicated Email
    Even though a dedicated email address matching your company domain is not a legal/compulsory requirement, it is highly recommended to submit an application using an email (.ch) which can be easily identified with your Swiss company.
    You should keep your business data consistent.
  • Summary of the Business
    Not every bank requires for you to file a business plan. However, be ready to provide a summary of your business activities and figures. Important details to include would be:

    • Description of the main business and services (matching the official description).
    • Main business partners (if names are not known – then at least industries and countries). List existing or potential partnership in Switzerland.
    • Main suppliers (if names are not known – then at least industries and countries). List existing or potential partnership in Switzerland.
    • The company should have and display a strong link to Switzerland, a valid business reason to be located in Switzerland (tax – is not a valid reason).
    • Estimated turnover in the first 3-5 years, estimated incoming/outgoing transactions amounts and their frequency.
    • Organogram or clear group structure.
    • Directors and founders who are not officially on payroll, but are actively involved in business, may be considered as ’employees’ (for applications that do not demand only Swiss employees on payroll).
    • If you have a shared office, you may declare it as physical premises.

Disadvantages for an application.
If your company has any of the below features, you may want to consider reviewing/changing them before submitting an application with a local (retail) bank.

  • Non-active companies or holding companies.
  • Companies which do not have physical premises or a shared office; companies with a c/o address.
  • Companies with BOs or directors residing in jurisdictions which are considered ‘high-risk’
  • Companies with complex group structures, especially groups involving offshore jurisdictions.
  • Certain specialised sectors (e.g. crypto/blockchain/licensed financial companies/chemicals/oil&gas etc) should confirm the sector with the bank before submitting their application.

*These information is relevant for Swiss companies with foreign ownership engaged in a standard sector, for business applications with a local retail bank.