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SE Office Package

This package offers you a cost effective way of getting up and running and a registered office address to keep your private address away from the general public.  The registered office address is in Canton Zug, giving you the prestige also.

With no complicated paperwork and as little as 5 minutes, you can order the Basic Package online an start incorporation immediately.

CHF2,295.00 CHF1,495.00 +VAT now,
then CHF1,800.00 CHF1,400.00 / year

What's included?

 Initial consultation

If you have a question before, during or after the incorporation process, we are here to help. Call us to clarify any open points or get any questions answered or explained. We look forward to hearing from you.

Company name search

We will check that the company name is available before preparing the documents. In Switzerland, it is not possible to reserve a company name, so we will do our best to keep the incorporation time window from our side to a minimum.

Company purpose formulation

Every company needs to define its core activities before submitting the papers for incorporation.  We will work with you to prepare suitable wording that is likely to be accepted by the registry.

Incorporation documents

We will prepare the documents that need to be signed and then submitted to the authorities for your company incorporation.  This will minimise the effort required from your side.

 Management of entire process

We are there to help you before, during and until the end of the process.  This will ensure that the process will run seamlessly from you placing the order to completing the company incorporation.

 No complicated paperwork

Our smart and efficient online service will allow you to glide through the process and get your company registration started within couple of minutes.

 Track order status anytime

After ordering the package, you will get access to customer online portal where you can track and check the status of your company anytime.

 Registered Address for 1 year

c/o address in the prestigious Canton of Zug, which happens to also be one of the most tax friendly in Switzerland

 Mail forwarding for 1 year 

On a weekly basis, we will forward all post to you. Postage for forwarding your post will be billable separately and will require a small postal deposit.

CHF2,295.00 CHF1,495.00 +VAT now,
then CHF1,800.00 CHF1,400.00 / year

Need a Little Extra?

Upgrading to the SE Complete package you will also receive:

 VAT Registration

We'll take care of your VAT registration to ensure it is done promptly name correct first time.

 Social Insurance Registration

Even if your company does not intend to have employees initially, it'll still need to submit a social insurance registration form.  We'll take care of this for you.

 Pension Policy Setup

Company pensions must be in place for any company running a payroll.  Using our network, we'll collect at least one competitive offer for you.

 Accident Insurance Setup

Mandatory requirement for payroll.  Using our experience, we will obtain at least one competitive insurance offer for your company.

 Accounting Software Setup

We'll setup your company in our accounting software, ready to start booking the first invoices.

 Financial Accounting for 1 year

We'll book up to 300 transactions in the accounting system for your company.  This will mean your company accounts are always up-to-date.

 Quarterly VAT Returns for 1 year

We'll complete your quarterly returns for you, so that you can ensure that they are always submitted on time.

 Preparation of Annual Tax Return

At the end of the financial year, we'll prepare your company's tax return for you.

 Notary Fee

Notary fees can be slightly unpredictable, we'll pay them for you, so that you know exactly how much to budget.

Only CHF8'870 CHF2'455 more

With Every Package You Get

Care & Support

You can do most of things online. But you can call or email us anytime, We are always reachable.

Online Portal

You get access to your online admin portal where you can track the status of your order

Your Website

Discount to help you launch your business's website and build your online presence


We establish your company in one of the most tax-efficient Cantons and a business hub in Switzerland

Startup Toolkit


25% Discount on Website

You will receive a free 25% discount voucher for website from our partner

Website Hosting

Website hosting at our partners secure local datacenter

Corporate FB Page

Our website partner will create a basic FB Page to start your social media presence

SE Office Package FAQs

Can I register my business to address, other then my residential address?

Yes, you can. If you use a 'c/o' address, your residential address will not be visible in the public domain. In addition, if you rent your home, you will not have to change the company address if you move. You may be able to benefit from being in the tax-friendly Canton of Zug. This service is already included into our SE Office Package and SE Complete Package.


Can you forward my mail per email, rather then per post?

Yes, we can.  A small additional charge applies to cover the extra work.


I do not have a credit card, can I still order the package?

No problem. Please call us and we will send you an invoice. As soon as the invoice is paid, we can move to the second step of the process.





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